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Online Resources & Activities

Listed below are some online resources that are used within our school that you can access at home to support and extend your child's learning.

Spelling City

An online application that provides spelling activities, word meanings, sentence construction and spelling quizzes for your child. Many teachers are using this webpage in our school and students weekly wordlists are preloaded onto the website and can be accessed through your child's personal login. However this site can still be used for any child to play spelling games set on the site with a variety of wordlists without needing a login. Contact your child's classroom teacher if you need assistance logging in or accessing your child's personal word list set by the class teacher. There is also an Ipad, Iphone & Ipod app that can be downloaded from the Apple App store for this program!

Spelling City

Study Ladder

Study Ladder is a new tool in which many teachers are using in the classroom. Teachers can set activities for their students surrounding all of the different key learning areas. Some teachers are using this site for homework tasks. There is a variety of educational and topic sorted activities for students to work through. Students whom have been signed up for this resource will have a unique login which can be retrieved from the classroom teacher. Parents can also sign up and create their own account!

Get Smart Maths

Get Smart is a website which was developed by educational staff from a NSW Public School. This website is free to access and use. The website has online games broken into each key learning area and further broken down into topics. It is all graded by stage levels to make it easier to find suitable games for your child's age and learning. This webpage is used in many of the classrooms to support children's learning, make lessons interactive and support child interest in an educational and supporting manner.